Heal your BODY
 Rewire your MIND
Build your EMPIRE

My name is Lee Weiland

I am an ATHLETE, EDUCATOR, and FOUNDER of Pacific Rim Athletics

Over the past 2 years, I had the privelege of building an entrepreneurial enterprise with my wife in Alaska. Our business…or should I say, our EMPIRE, is called Pacific Rim Athletics.

With over 20 years of experience teaching, mentoring, and coaching, I will help YOU do the same thing in an even shorter amount of time.

I realized that what we were doing at Pacific Rim was far more than athletic training. I also realized that I could boil down all of the systems I utilize on a daily basis to help you rebuild physically, rewire mentally, and even produce profitably.

This is actually the same process I put myself through while building Pacific Rim Athletics. I was already working a full time job as a teacher, plus teaching college, plus living in a foreign place far away from family and friends.

But in less than 1 year, I recaptured my youth as an athlete, reconnected with my wife, published a book, and built Pacific Rim Athletics. People said I was crazy for doing so much, but little did I know, the systems I had used for years simply made things more efficient. And I take no credit…it was simply the result of living according to Biblical principles.

So what I’m sharing with YOU is an efficient, 3 Component System that I didn’t even know I was using until it transformed my life! It features Physical training, Mental training, and Business training integrated into a holistic, 12-week course that will jumpstart your fitness, mind, and business… and could even RECONSTRUCT your LIFE!Over the past 2 years, I used my BODY as an athlete and my MIND to become a successful educator and build an EMPIRE with my wife in Alaska. Our business…or should I say, our EMPIRE, is called Pacific Rim Athletics.

With over 20 years of experience teaching, mentoring, and coaching, I will help YOU do the same thing in an even shorter amount of time.

I realized that what we were doing at Pacific Rim was far more than athletic training. I also realized that I could boil down all of the systems I utilize on a daily basis to help you rebuild physically, rewire mentally, and even produce profitably.

This is actually the same process I put myself through while building Pacific Rim Athletics. I was already working a full time job as a teacher, plus teaching college, plus living in a foreign place far away from family and friends.

But in less than 1 year, I recaptured my youth as an athlete, reconnected with my wife, published a book, and built Pacific Rim Athletics. People said I was crazy for doing so much, but little did I know, the systems I had used for years simply made things more efficient. And I take no credit…it was simply the result of living according to Biblical principles.

So what I’m sharing with YOU is an efficient, 3 Component System that I didn’t even know I was using until it transformed my life! It features Physical training, Mental training, and Business training integrated into a holistic, 8-week course that will jumpstart your fitness, mind, and business… and could even RECONSTRUCT your LIFE!

Become the RULER

you were intended to be…

1.  Reinvigorate your BODY

2. Maximize your MIND

3.  Build a BUSINESS  

• YOU’LL LEARN the methods, practices, and systems I used to train PHYSICALLY, stay engaged MENTALLY, and build my EMPIRE Pacific Rim Athletics, a physical Gym and an Online Business! 

• I’LL PERSONALLY make sure you continue learning, growing, and developing your MIND and BODY for the task of building your EMPIRE (or even join the Pacific Rim Team and build a local program in your own community if you want to)!

• WE’LL WORK TOGETHER as you develop your own unique community and business that will give you a way to earn money (before the course is over) doing what you love!

AND…if you are a PARENT, your CHILDREN can participate alongside you as they do Homeschool Revolution for FREE.

We live in a world of PEASANTS!

Our culture is saturated in FEAR and keeps us PEASANTS in the system.

Systems rule our lives but we don’t even realize it. Institutions that have existed for centuries oppress us.



Our vision for the future is clouded by DOUBTS, FEARS, and our PAST.

Millions, even billions, of people grew up sitting in desks, quite literally physically CONFORMED to a life of sitting, of COMPLIANCE, of work inside of an institution. Part of my job at my gym is fixing people who have been BEATEN NEARLY TO DEATH BY DESK JOBS. 12-YEAR-OLD boys already have HUNCH BACKS and hamstrings ready to explode. After decades of the same toil, the OLDER GUYS are even WORSE! I know that pain because I was a teacher inside of a classroom for 7 years. My back paid the price…and so did my MIND!

Our minds are deeply connected to our bodies, and if our bodies fade, so will our minds. Show me one human mind that exists without a body! Our brains are extremely impressionable, even plastic, and the health of our bodies have a direct impact upon our brains and how engaged we can be. Bodies EXPERIENCE data and stimuli and that information is uploaded to the brain. The more experience, the more stored information, the more wisdom can be obtained. But a body and a brain locked inside of a system of repetitive action, a 9-5 job behind a desk for example, with no new patterns except the holiday or vacation, will LOCK ITSELF DOWN!

Such a mind, and body, will become INCAPABLE of change, adaptation, or creation! That expression, “I’m too old,” doesn’t have anything to do with AGE. It has everything to do with conformity to systems that oppress the mind and body. Take Moses, for example, who didn’t begin his work until well after retirement age. And what was his purpose? To release his people from oppression. This story is as old as time.

Do the math. Over the course of a 20 year career, up to 200,000 hours will be spent behind a desk! And then all the time on the couch. Think about all the careers that require sitting and work and how many hours are spent stagnant, with only the movement of fingers!

Think about those physical jobs too. I had a job as a valet attendant. It provided what I needed at the time. But then there were people 10 years older than me who had been doing it for 10 years! And the consistent topics of conversations reflected that fact! It isn’t to say those jobs are worthless. What I am saying is that there are 8 billion people on the earth and those jobs can quickly be traded up for more productive, more engaging, more creative adventures in life as a person grows and gains more experience. The position of peasant is valuable, but there will always be someone who needs a job as a valet attendant, or a caricature artists at Disney World, or a personal trainer, or a factory worker, or a…you get the point. Why remain a PEASANT when you have gained WISDOM? Why not build an EMPIRE where you can continually empower the peasants to rise above their caste?

Yet, people remain in those positions of stagnation, either in sedentary jobs, or physical jobs, peasants of the system. But will such a mind/body be ready to be athletic, shift gears, and execute with POWER? Or will they be dominated by FEAR? I can tell you firsthand that fear is a major obstacle for me to overcome. Anxiety, depression, and OCD are right there as neural byproducts, and additional hurdles I had to conquer. The same lack of faith was present in the Israelites who Moses helped lead from bondage.



It is with tears in my eyes that I ask that question. And it is a question to which I must also provide an answer.


The only way I conquered ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, and OCD was through PHYSICAL training, which helped me to REWIRE my brain, which provided my own system in which I was able to build an EMPIRE. And that empire provides the landscape for me to continue developing physically and mentally. And that’s the whole purpose of this course and why I invite you to join me on the journey!

So instead of remaining physically BROKEN, mentally OPPRESSED, and locked up by FEAR, it is time to realize that


You were designed with PURPOSE, VALUE, and DIGNITY.

Rather than created to live in fear, doubt, and oppression, we were created to fill the earth, be productive, and create beauty in the world.

You were endowed with TALENTS and SKILLS to refine and utilize as instruments to create wealth. Wealth is not just a pie from which everyone is trying to get a slice. Rather, wealth is something that is created, like a stream of pies, utilizing our talents and skills.

The way in which we create wealth by our talents and skills is utilizing our BODIES and MINDS. Weak, fragile, uncreative bodies/minds will not be able to create wealth for you or your family.

You cannot conform to the pattern of this world, but you have to be transformed by the renewal of your mind. This change of mind will also renew your body and make you capable of much more productive, creative, beautiful work, which is your primary function on this earth.

The culmination of this work is your EMPIRE, and ultimately, your contribution to an even larger KINGDOM many don’t realize is at hand.

You were created to master your BODY.

Training the BODY is extremely valuable. It will allow access to many more options that might not be accessible if the body is unhealthy or weak. And because of the neuroplasticity of the brain, the body can reshape the brain and make you mentally stronger.

I went through this process when I had major issues with my back: 4 bulging discs, spinal stenosis, and arthritis. The solution wasn’t to give up though. That is ethically wrong, and ethical action (or godliness) is of the highest priority. The solution was to engage my mind in different ways in order to regain the functionality of my body so that I could become productive both physically and mentally. Rebuilding my body made me mentally, and spiritually, stronger. It was the gift of growth through pain.

I realized this again, and to an even greater degree, when I blew out my bicep doing acrobatics. You don’t realize how strong God is until He takes your strength away. And then He forces you to rebuild through the pain, making you even stronger, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Physical training of the body is not the end in-and-of-itself. Training the body has value, but that alone is limited. There is a natural obsession with one’s own human body because of everything it is capable of, and that’s why there is a vast sea of photos, videos, and social media showcasing physical beauty, abs, and strength. But that obsession is immature and must be conquered.

The body is TOOL for making the mind strong, just as the mind is a tool for making the body strong. The mind is not just an amazing computer inside your head to wow your friends and family with trivial knowledge. It is capable of far more than we realize and can even imagine. And the reciprocal relationship of the body and mind is capable of even more than that!

You were created for COMMUNITY.

The person, alone, by his or herself is simply that: alone. But we were created for community. Even within your own body exists a multi-trillion cell community of organic matter than constitutes the one person. The relationship between the body and the mind reflect this relationship of the one and the many. Together, they function as one, driving forward to accomplish goals.

The mind is the tool that brings the collection of cells within the body to collective action. And the human person, the mind/body relationship, does the same with other people. The mind establishes relationships, community, and enterprise through which everyone engaged benefits.

The community, therefore, is an integral part of human existence and experience. It exists as many parts, but one whole. Each one of those parts, or each individual person, has talents and gifts that they must utilize to not only benefit oneself, but also the others. In this, they are able to grow as an individual and provide value to other people’s lives, while those people who are benefitting from that value also contribute with their own unique talents and skills.

You were created to LEAD.

In developing your BODY and MIND, and refining your TALENTS and SKILLS, you now are in the position to lead! And this is what were created to do, in a very real, and practical way.

The concept of leadership is a mirage. At some points in our life, we will have leaders, those to whom we look for guidance, counsel, or skill development. But as maturity comes, the mirage fades and you find yourself in that place of leadership.

Thus, a person can use his or her BODY and MIND to exercise their TALENTS and SKILLS in such a way that provides VALUE to other people’s lives, such that they return the energy in the forms of money, contribution, or thankfulness. And all 3 forms of energy are just as valuable as each other. What’s more is that they are far more valuable than college degrees, certifications, or fame.

Build Your EMPIRE

This is the concept behind empire-building. And I will personally make sure you get through the steps of building your BODY, MIND, and EMPIRE. You will enjoy continuing to develop as an individual as well as grow a community of those who appreciate your craft.

This is better than a college degree because it’s not just about theory and knowledge, but about DOING…and BUILDING a BUSINESS in less than 3 months.

Trust me, I have 4 degrees and taught college.

You will learn far more than doing coursework or even college, including the value of relationships and networking, building community, and becoming a LEADER!

And I will help you do this while developing a career that supports your own PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and the development of your COMMUNITY.

I literally have done this…multiple times. MY PROCESS WORKS. And I’m helping several others do this as you read this.

It all boils down to what action you will take. Elisha told King Joash to stomp the ground with an arrow as many times as he wanted. This was a sign of how successful Joash would be in battle. Do you know how many times Joash struck the ground?  Three times!  That’s it!  Let that picture sink in.

Now, will you be Joash, holding yourself back, inhibited by the resistance you place in front of yourself? Or will you be like Elisha who knew the fullness of Joash’s potential?


of my Apprentices have established themselves as entrepreneurs and coaches!


students are currently using my systems and developing marketable skills!


years of executing and refining this system to build a one-of-a-kind Gym in Alaska!

All you need is the




Physical, Mental, and Technological Components that will allow you to hone your skills and build your empire!


A maximum of 20 students in a private training group where you will receive direct instruction from me personally!


You will receive lifetime access to all videos, workbooks, and my unique accountability sheet!


36 videos of workouts from Pacific Rim Athletics and weekly tasks to help you maximize your PHYSICAL POWER!


8 Modules of mental objectives to keep your MIND engaged and building CONTENT, VALUE, and COMMUNITY!


24 step-by-step training videos to help you navigate the chaotic world of the 5 major INTERNET PLATFORMS.


LIVE Video Calls with Lee


Step-by-Step Modules


On-Demand Video Trainings

JOIN US! It will only take a minute.  And it will REVOLUTIONIZE your LEARNING!


Gimme a call!  907-717-5193

Andres – Doctor

“Lee is an outstanding coach, expert, mentor, and ignitor of change. Working with him has been an invaluable asset! The way he incorporates his expertise in many fields such as nutrition, movement, gymnastics, neuroplasticity, martial arts, and philosophy make him a one of him a one of a kind transformational individual. Hands down I would recommend him any day. The more I work with him the more I learned about his passion and the powerful reasons for his work!! As a physician, I also view Lee as an expert that I would consult any days in his areas of expertise that relate to health!! Thank you, Lee, for all that you do!!”

Vennie – Lawyer


Since training with Lee, I’ve been able to focus more and train smarter.  I’m being taught the progressions.  You gotta’ learn to crawl before you can walk!”

Thomas – Entrepreneur

“Lee has a wide and broad understanding of the body and not only the body but also the mind and also philosophy. He is an artist, mover, coach and human!

That is an unique combination that enables him to accelerate you and I mean the whole you to your next level. And from there you can go on and on.
Really amazing what he unlocked in me!”


Building anything SUCCESSFUL requires a STRONG BODY, MIND, and use of TOOLS.

RECONSTRUCTING LIVES focuses on these 3 essential components in a fully INTEGRATED and SYSTEMATIC way!


Take Ownership of Your BODY

Becoming a conqueror is neither about conquering other people, nor conquering their dominions. It is about conquering your own body and mind such you become a leader through the action you’ve taken in your own life.

It’s about developing the strength and the courage to become the leader your friends, your family, and your community need you to be. It’s about identifying your talents and skills and transforming them into tools you can use to empower not only yourself, but others.

Yet many people avoid action. They are like Barak from the Bible. They wait for a Deborah to lead. And Deborah rebuked Barak for his lack of action.

Taking ACTION requires the mind and the BODY. The mind has to be kept engaged through the physical action of the body. Whatever a person chooses to do, they have to engage in physical action to become a conqueror. The most successful people are physically active.

One of the most important steps to take in preparing for action, even building a career, a family, or an enterprise, is to move. Maybe it’s running, weightlifting, or a sport. Maybe it’s utilizing the Pacific Rim Athlete Training System included in this course which will give you the tools to master your body as you build bodyweight strength and mobility. Because strength and mobility of the body is so important, athletic coaching is an extremely valuable career.

A body that is strong and can move provides even more opportunities in life. It is the vehicle that can take many more avenues towards success. It isn’t limited by fatigue or frailty. It is ready to produce and create! And athletic training and coaching can even be a career you decide pursue! For example, many of the athletes at my gym are working through this very course to become a Pacific Rim Coach. And I am making that opportunity available to you if you so choose.

Whatever path you choose to take, use this holistic course to carve out a unique path for yourself. The possibilities are limitless. However you choose to use it, you’ll have access to the Pacific Rim Athlete Training System, which provides an excellent foundation for improving your physical wellbeing, as well as a jumpstart for the transformation of one’s mindset regarding action!


Our proven method for developing bodyweight strength with just you, the ground, and gravity!  Step out of your comfort zone and try some of our strength training to master your body.


Our proven method for learning standing flips without any special equipment, from rolls to full twisting backflips.  Even if you don’t want to learn the flips, there is a ton of strength and mobility included here.


Our proven method for learning the traditional skills of flares, windmills, airflares, and more.  Not only are the acrobatic elements available, but so is the flexibility training for them.


Whether you use our Pacific Rim Athlete Training System or your own workout methods, this course provides you with our proven method for staying on track with your athletic development.  We use this system for our trainers, coaches, and athletes.  This is the foundation underneath the actual physical training system we use.


Rewire Your MIND

Often times, people become obsessed with the fight…with the struggle. They are in a constant fight against their own bodies, constantly trying new diets, working out, and sculpting their physiques, and even in constant fights against other people.

They engage in physical battles, arguments, and endless debates. Does this sound familiar?

This is a result of a warped view of what it means to be a conqueror.

And the constant fight, against oneself, and against others, is the collateral damage of remaining in that stage of life.

Part of the problem is the fact that a person’s mind is shaped by the first 7 years of their life. They absorb the fears of their parents and prior generations. And those fears are reinforced by years upon years of living according to those patterns. Fear of failure. Fear of public speaking. Fear of inadequacy. The list goes on. These fears become a lifelong fight inside of a person…and against other people.

But the brain is pliable. It can be reshaped. Physical action can literally rewire the brain. Taking a physical step outside one’s comfort zone is the first step towards reprogramming the mind. In this action, a person can reshape their life, both physically and mentally.

But that change does not stop on the individual level.

The Statesman is someone who has recognized the value of conquering their own body and mind, and has come to understand the value of other people.

Instead of engaging in a constant battle against oneself, and allowing that battle to spill over onto other people, warring against other human beings in the quest for self-mastery, the Statesman is one who has already conquered themselves and has become a RULER!

A true ruler is a ROYAL PRIEST!


#1: A ruler is not someone who leads through tyranny, force, or oppression. Rather, a ruler is someone who exercises personal responsibility, extreme ownership, and valuable service within their creation, their family, or their entrepreneurial enterprise.

#2: A priest is not a mystical, religious person. Rather, a priest is someone who establishes relationships, provides communication, and builds community.

Like Saul of the Bible, the fearful warrior-king burns bridges, destroys communication, and seeks to drive spears through the hearts of his competitors.

The Statesman, on the other hand, elevates others, building them up even higher than himself, with an understanding of the value of their skills and talents and their eventual contribution to the community. Through his experience, battles, and wounds, they are lifted up and become even more powerful versions of themselves.

Thus, the Statesman is a royal priest, a ruler who leads by example and service, having mastered his body and mind and building a community in which all people benefit, grow, and add value to other’s lives.

Therefore, this course includes the Mental Engagement Method, a series of challenges that will assist you in stepping outside your comfort zone, building relationships, and becoming a LEADER, a RULER, a STATESMAN!


Challenges that will help you GROW as an individual while building your body and your business.


Challenges that will help you grow closer with your family, and those friends close enough to be family, since this is your SUPPORT SYSTEM for SUCCESS.


Challenges that will help you grow your close TEAM, your TRIBE, and your AUDIENCE.


Challenges that will help you grow your community and help you develop as a LEADER.



Your empire is the culmination of YOU. It is the transformation of your body and mind as you become a CONQUEROR. It is the expanse of your community you have built as a STATESMAN. And it is the establishment of your talents and skills as valuable service to others in an EMPIRE.

Each of us are capable of establishing an EMPIRE.

And each of our empires are puzzle pieces within a much larger kingdom.

Within this kingdom, there are many people who have developed talents and skills and who are leading by example.

Consider some of the more famous YouTubers and social media professionals. Their entire enterprise is built admittedly upon several key principles that they may or may not know are Biblical: valuable content and free service. The only question that remains is upon what foundation are they basing their content and to what end is the aim of their content?

These are the same principles upon which every other successful business is based. Bakers open up shop and provide quality product…even freebies. Lawyers provide work pro-bono. Artists participate in collaborations and joint ventures. Physical trainers offer free consultations. You probably use free services every day, provided by Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger, or Mark Zuckerberg.

Here’s the MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPT to realize:

YOU have the TALENTS, MIND, and BODY to build a valuable EMPIRE!

If you acknowledge the Bible as your foundation, you know you are commanded to do this. You exist as a person with unique talents and gifts within the community of humanity. This extends to far more than just working as a cog in a machine doing a mundane job 8 hours a day, but rather growing, expanding, and refining your talents into an empire that provides valuable service to the 8 billion others that exist within this realm.

It is about functioning as the most valuable, significant, dignified member within the collective whole of humanity.


The strength of the BODY and MIND can only do so much though. It is limited by time and space. However, we can use TECHNOLOGY to increase our sphere of influence as LEADERS and ENTREPRENEURS. Mastering technology, the internet, and networking will allow us to expand our reach and generate growth even while we’re sleeping!

RECONSTRUCTING LIVES will walk you through the steps of transforming the internet and social media from mere gadgets of entertainment into TOOLS for building something valuable for you and YOUR FUTURE!


No longer will social media be a recreational activity.  You will become a CONTENT CREATOR and provide meaningful VALUE to your community and the world!


You will become an EXPERT on SEARCH TECHNOLOGY and learn to use it to your advantage!


You will become a MASTER WEBSITE DESIGNER and bring people into your product ecosystem with a stunning site that both showcases your talents and brings in business!


You will create YOUR VERY OWN PRODUCTS.  You will build a series of products and sell them before the course ends!


Start IMPLEMENTING this stuff NOW!


Find your Business Idea
Start Building Relationships in your Market
Begin the Athlete Training System

You’ll jumpstart your progress with physical training in any way you like, or start to learn the Pacific Rim Athlete Training System. Then I’ll show you how to focus in on your business idea, identify your competitors, and build relationships with those in your market.


Master Media Production
Outthink your Competitors
Build Bridges with Future Customers

Next, I’ll show you how to master content creation without wasting time and energy. You’ll also build your website this week and learn the do’s and the do-not’s that your business competitors might not realize. And you’ll start engaging with customers and people who might be interested in your content.


Master Copy-writing
Start Building Your Tribe
Turn your Skills into a Product

During this week, I’ll show you how to write like a leader in your field. You’ll begin building your Tribe, a network of people interested in what you have to offer. You’ll then start turning your skills into a marketable product that will bring value to people’s lives. Because that’s what it’s about…making other’s lives better! If you choose, you can utilize the Pacific Rim Athlete Training System as your product. Otherwise, you’ll start working on a different product using your skills.


Rest, Review, and Test your System
Foster Relationships with Your Tribe
Share your Work

Here I’ll show you how to integrate all your social media in a strategic system that builds your brand. You’ll use this system to create more engaging content for your audience and develop relationships with peers. You’ll also create your very own product line or learn how to use the Athlete Training System.


Build your Brand
Create a Free Product, Low Budget Product, and Prime Product that Tie Together
Build the System for Selling Product

I’ll show you how to bring all the technological tools together to build your brand and your product line that actually gets sold!


Expand Your Audience
Begin Managing Your Tribe
Test All Systems

Whether building your family up, a local business, or an online business, I’ll teach you how to build a community and provide a space for your Tribe to grow. You might create a common space for other young artists to collaborate and produce art shows or a place for bboys and bgirls to train and progress. During this week, you’ll also build your system for selling a product online, even if your business is face-to-face.


Launch Your Product
Sell Your Product
Deliver Your Product

This is the big week. You’ll be selling your very own products. And you’ll do it not as a “salesperson,” but with passion and heart because your product is part of YOU! You’ll learn how to host a webinar and literally sell your content. And best of all, if you did all of the steps from the previous weeks, people will already be eager to buy from you before you release your material!


Engage in a Joint Venture that Expands your Business
Collaborate on a Written or Video Project
Continue your Physical, Mental, and Business Growth!


1 More Month of Email Accountability with Lee!
The Private Group with your network of Classmates is now yours for life!
Lifetime Access to all of the video content, training modules, and live video calls!

There is NO OTER PRODUCT ON THE MARKET that provides this. None.

How do I KNOW this WORKS?

I’ve been around the world and have worked MANY JOBS, from drawing caricatures at Disney World, to waiting tables, to being a travelling personal trainer, to a youth pastor, to teaching middle school, high school, and college. I made and sold realistic paintings, won art competitions, and put on art shows. In the athletic realm, I won martial arts competitions, breakdancing competitions, and performed in circus events. At the end of all of this, I had NO MONEY to show for it.

If money is a measure of energy, I established nothing of lasting significance. I had nothing to pass down to my children. I provided nothing of significant value to future generations.

So what did I do?

I actually went back and did what I used to do when I was 14 YEARS OLD!

Now, just like when I was 14 years old, I TRAIN and TEACH others.

When I was 14, I came to my martial arts school and my instructor Mr. Wheeler told me, “GO TEACH CLASS.” There was a look of shock that came upon my face, but then I overcame my resistance and went and taught in front of a group of people for the first time. Mr. Wheeler gave me some feedback, and I KEPT DOING IT.

Eventually, I started running my own programs here and there as I went through high school and then college as just a small side gig. College would be my way to success…or so I thought.

You see, after all my education, job experience, and travelling, I came to realize that what I was doing didn’t match up with that 14-YEAR-OLD voice of wisdom who knew even at that young age: I could be an entrepreneur!

I could do what I love! I could continue growing as a person and mastering my craft! And I could even provide VALUE to people that appreciated it so much they would pay money for it! And even further, it could be something I built for my family and pass down to my children!

So, many years after teaching that first class, I decided to do what I knew I should’ve done a long time ago: build a gym for like-minded people to come train.

And it is a SUCCESS!

Little did I know, training out in the backyard and helping other people learn acrobatic skills would become a 6,000 square foot gym called Pacific Rim Athletics in Alaska with HUNDREDS of STUDENTS and an ONLINE BUSINESS!

Not only do I train athletes of all ages, but I use the systems that I built over the past 20 years or so to help them become professional coaches and entrepreneurs with their own unique talents.



And you don’t need to do it using athletics like I did, but rather using your own talents and skills. Now if you are athletically inclined, then you can easily implement my Pacific Rim Athlete Training System and start building something similar.

Either way, the PRINCIPLES are the same. The METHOD is the same. And the SYSTEM works for any set of talents or skills, because ultimately, at the foundation, it’s Biblical principles applied to contemporary technology.

Thousands of people are becoming SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS everyday because of the tools we have available to us.

There is no reason you can’t hop on board and take your talents, continue to build them, and turn them into something profitable.

Good at PHOTOGRAPHY, COMIC BOOK DESIGN, CREATIVE WRITING, ROBOTICS, or COOKING? Start building your business now, and in a few short years using your BODY, MIND, and the TOOLS of technology in a SYSTEMATIC way such as through this course, you’ll be a millionaire!

And heck, if you don’t know where to start, you can join the Pacific Rim Team and start your very own training program at your local rec center, church, or even in your garage, which can turn into your own 6,000 square foot gym in less than a year.

But I didn’t have any mentors who showed me how to do this. It was all trial-and-error, and took a much longer time than it needed to take. But if you work with me, you won’t have to try, fail, try, fail, try, fail. You can continue MOVING FORWARD.

I am committed to taking on no more than 20 people in this course. This takes time, commitment, and energy in both directions. You get out what you put in, and I look forward to working with motivated people who are ready to put in energy to succeed.

In 8 WEEKS you WILL:




By the END OF THE COURSE: You WILL have a highly engaged core group of students, clients, or customers that will become the basis for a business as you become an ENTREPRENEUR!!!

“Lee has a wealth of knowledge about all things strength, mobility, training and control of the body and mind. Really great coach.
Highly recommended.”

– Dominic | Entrepreneur


Think you’re TOO OLD?

If you still have a BRAIN in your HEAD and a BODY THAT ISN’T IN THE GROUND, there’s ABSOLUTELY NO REASON YOU SHOULDN’T DO THIS! You have a BODY, a MIND, and the same TOOLS. The only thing left to do is to DO IT! The only thing others have are mentors, teachers, or parents encouraging them to take those steps forward and build something profitable.  And the successful people have other people showing them the steps to take.  This is where I come in.

Think you’re NOT SKILLED?

NONSENSE.  There is always someone less skilled than you who needs to learn.  Everyone, including YOU, has been blessed with talents and skills.  And the BEST WAY to ENHANCE those skills is to either PRODUCE PRODUCTS or TEACH!  This is simply a fact.  I learned this after 20 years of teaching, and 7 years of work as a teacher.  Start now and you’ll be a MASTER before you know it.


I TEACH WITH SUPPORT.   And integrated into the course is a whole support system of students ready to grow together.   Still further, part of the course is building a system of support that will assist you as you grow!


The only thing holding you back is YOU.

Your job now is to overcome those points of resistance in your life that are holding you back from building your future!  Sometimes those things are stumbling blocks we put in our own path.  Time to move them aside and MOVE FORWARD!


Enjoy the best
Community and Suport combined together for FUN & PROGRESS!

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Each week you’ll have 2, 1-hour calls with me!  No hiding!  We’ll work as a group to bring out the best in everyone!

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A place where you can create, share, and get feedback for your content and products!

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Get immediate responses from those in your course and 24-hour turnaround feedback from me!

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A custom-designed Training Log to help you stay on-track and focused throughout the course!

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How I built my Business from Scratch!

You’ll see behind the scenes how I train my athletes.  And if you choose, you can implement this as your own product.  Or use it to keep building your own BODY and reengage your MIND!


Learn my tested METHOD for developing Handstand Pressing, Planche Pressing, Planche, V Stand, Straddle Press Handstand, Walkovers, Full Splits, and Single Leg Squats


Get my proven SYSTEM for teaching Airflares, Windmills, Swipes, Handstand Circles, and Flares


See my efficient STRATEGY for helping people progress from rolls to aerial moves like Back Flips, Front Flips, 540s, Twists, and Corks.



All of the Video Content PLUS Updates!

Not only will you have access to all of the videos, but you’ll have access to all of the new material as the course is updated in the future!


No matter what point at which you are in life, you can always refer back to all of the course content.


As the course is updated, so will you.   You’ll have access to all new material for life.


The website will always be open for your exploration and use!



How I stayed FOCUSED!

Go back and review to keep your mind on point and focused toward future success!




at my


Don’t just put this on your BUCKET LIST!

Get 3 FREE HOURS of TRAINING at my GYM, Pacific Rim Athletics!

Go on a Wilderness Adventure and explore the Last Frontier!

Climb an Alaskan Mountain!  See the world in a new way!

For many years I wanted to build a gym, a business, a community where people could come and improve their athletic skills.  Once I finally did, I realized there is so much more that happens at my gym…and I want to share that with you.

I want to take the trial-and-error out of your way so that you can become the most POWERFUL VERSION of YOURSELF!

There’s all the reason in the world…or rather…in YOU…to dive headfirst into this!  Build your BODY, discipline your MIND, and design your FUTURE!


Lee Weiland

Founder of Pacific Rim Athletics